Where does the name “impiaaa” come from?

When I was a little kid, I was into LEGOs. At some point, I wanted to create an account on their website, so that I could play certain games and access certain “member only” sections. When it asked me to create a username, I had no idea what I should have put. So I typed in three random letters, “imp,” oblivious to the fact that they form a derogatory term. It was already taken by another user. So I added another two letters to come up with “impia.” This account I used for quite a while. Then the website went under a redesign. When I tried to log in, it said that the username/password combination was invalid. Because of the changed look of the website, I, still a kid, immediately drew the conclusion that the administrators had purged my account (I now believe that I had simply typed my password incorrectly). So I created a new account with another “a” tacked on to the end (I'm still known as “impiaa” on a few websites). The same process happened a few weeks later, and I added yet another “a,” resulting in the final “impiaaa.” After this point, I had learned my lesson, and it's the name I've stuck to since.

What is the Boatcake?

The Boatcake is not a person. The Boatcake is not a boat. The Boatcake is not a cake. The Boatcake is, in fact, not edible. The Boatcake is not even a thing. The Boatcake is not a lie. The Boatcake is not Cthulu. The Boatcake is coming for you…

Where does Boatcake come from?

I originally found the term when playing around with the Flowerewolf widget. It came up with the combination “boatcake” (boat + oatcake), and I loved it. I came up with the saying, “The Boatcake is coming for you…” myself, after finding that the word can be spoken with quite an ominous tone, and realizing that it needed a mysterious lore to go along with it. I used it for the name of this website because it is unique to me, and expresses my slightly odd personality.

What's behind the colors on the website?

Purple/violet, particularly the one you see when highlighting the navigation links, is my favorite color. The background color is that color darker, and the light yellow foreground and dark yellow text is complementary to the purple.