Jam games

Title Jam Description
MiniAnna Jones! Ludum Dare 38 (Compo) Join MiniAnna Jones in the Quest for the Golden Noodle! Travel to remote islands of all shapes and sizes to dig and discover lost ruins. Gamepad and Keyboard+Mouse supported, Gamepad recommended. Press Esc or Start if you get stuck. Made in Unity 3D.
Headphone Goldfish Global Game Jam 2017 Headphone Goldfish is about an oblivious fish who swims through the ocean while listening to sick beats. How to play: Move your mouse back and forth to control your speed. Slow down or speed up to avoid obstacles. When you see a glowing music note power up, you must click your mouse on the downbeat of the music to collect it to earn an extra multiplier. Taking damage will reset your multiplier. Taking damage 10 times and the game will be over. Enjoy! Made on a team of six with Unity 3D and FMOD Studio.
Lost Veil Ludum Dare 37 (Compo) I didn't have any solid ideas for gameplay, so it's just a typical escape-the-room game. Keyboard W/A/S/D for movement, mouse for looking, mouse left button click for interacting with objects. The game ends when you leave through the door. Made in Unreal Engine 4.
Shi Ludum Dare 36 (Compo) My first time using Unreal Engine. Of course I didn't get as far as I wanted, but hey, it was a learning experience!
Chronanian Myst Jam 2016 Experiment in using Myst III-style panoramas in WebGL. Rendered in Blender with Cycles. Made in HTML5/JavaScript using TWGL.js.
Rune Tree Global Game Jam 2016 Two players come together in a battle of wits. Draw glyphs to cast spells so that you can grow your tree to glory. Combine and stack glyphs to make unique spells to give you the edge. Complete your tree to achieve victory. Made on a team of five with Unity 3D.
BallBall Babbaballoo! Ludum Dare 34 (Compo) Use left and right (or A and D) to move the ball back and forth. Press both at the same time to speed up. Dodge obstacles, and go for a high score! Made in Unity 3D.
Tall Tales Ludum Dare 30 (Jam) Enter the mysterious world of a book of old fairy tales. The book is worn, and some stories have fallen apart into others! Help Sir Knight the Magnificent finish his story by helping others. Made by a team of two with Unity 3D.
PILLOWMAN Defeats the Robots Ludum Dare 27 (Compo) Help Pillowman defeat the robot menace in this action platformer where the goal changes every 10 seconds! Made in HTML5/JavaScript using Crafty and Box2D.

Other projects

Title Description
smstools Custom Python scripts for decoding data files from Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda: Wind Waker, and more
Domain Hacker Bot Mastodon bot that posts dictionary words that are also unregistered domain names
MyWorldGen A Minecraft mod that allows for highly customizable world generation
blender-ldraw Imports LDraw model files into Blender
Random TF2 loadouts My first simple AppEngine app. Chooses a new loadout for you.
Apple Mail to Simplenote An app to upload locally stored notes in Mail.app to a Simplenote account

In-progress projects

I'm currently working on a strategy browser game and an early OpenGL/C++ game engine. They aren't ready for the public yet, but you can occasionally see a few in-progress screenshots on my Twitter. Email me if you're interested in helping or if you need more information.

Old projects

Category Description
NodeBox scripts NodeBox is an environment for artists and programmers to make neat 2D vector graphics using Python.
Python scripts Python is a popular scripting and programming language. Iʼve made a few conversion scripts and such.
Quartz Composer compositions Quartz Composer is a node-based environment for making realtime 2D and 3D visualizations. I've made a few screensavers, visualizers, and video filters.
iOS apps iOS is the operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.