Newer projects

Shi My entry for Ludum Dare 36.
Chronanian My entry for Myst Jam 2016.
Rune Tree Team entry for Global Game Jam 2016.
BallBall Babbaballoo! My entry for Ludum Dare 34.
Tall Tales My team entry for Ludum Dare 30.
MyWorldGen A Minecraft mod that allows for highly customizable world generation.
Pillowman Defeats the Robots My entry for Ludum Dare 27.
Random TF2 loadouts My first simple AppEngine app. Chooses a new loadout for you.
Apple Mail to SimplenoteAn app to upload locally stored notes in to a Simplenote account

In-progress projects

I'm currently working on a strategy browser game and an early OpenGL/C++ game engine. They aren't ready for the public yet, but you can occasionally see a few in-progress screenshots on my Twitter. Email me if you're interested in helping or if you need more information.

Old projects

NodeBox scripts NodeBox is an environment for artists and programmers to make neat 2D vector graphics using Python.
Python scripts Python is a popular scripting and programming language. Iʼve made a few conversion scripts and such.
Quartz Composer compositions Quartz Composer is a node-based environment for making realtime 2D and 3D visualizations. I've made a few screensavers, visualizers, and video filters.
iOS apps iOS is the operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.