Title Description Requirements Screenshot
Argue Two people arguing. NodeBox, the "insults.xml" file that comes with NodeBox
ASCII Makes ASCII art from an image. NodeBox, Core Image library
Big Text Makes big, huge text. NodeBox, Colors library
Bit Bop Text Makes bippity boppity text with an appropriate color scheme. NodeBox, Web library
Desktop Makes a pseudo-aqua desktop image for those Mac OS X 10.5 users that miss the old desktop. NodeBox
Exclamatory Cartoon exclamation maker. NodeBox
Game A little game. Use the arrow keys to control the blue circle. Avoid red, and be warned that the collision detection is bad. NodeBox
Gravity Simulates masses in space. Use the mouse to control the white one. NodeBox
Iterative Geometric Constructions A colorful tree maker. NodeBox
Jiggler A Brownian motion demonstration. NodeBox
LEGO® Mosaic Makes images into mosaics in PDF and LDraw format. NodeBox, Core Image library, ldconfig.ldr
Lines Pretty line patterns drawn on your screen. NodeBox
Pointer A cursor that points towards its destination. NodeBox
Random Smile Makes a random smiley face. NodeBox
Scan An animation that with a cool scanning effect. NodeBox
Searcher My idea of a future image search engine. NodeBox, Web library
Sentence maker Makes random sentences given a query. NodeBox, Web, Linguistics
Show NodeBox showing off. NodeBox
Snow Simulating snow falling. NodeBox
Swirl More showing off. NodeBox
TXT to N map Makes an N map from given text. NodeBox
Write Writes text onto the screen. NodeBox