Adventure DownloaderGiven the URL or ID of a Spore Adventure, downloads all of the resources needed to play it, so that you don't have to wait for the game to download them itself.Python 2.5, Tk extensions
AdventureGuides you through the text-based portion of a Spore Adventure. Used as a test for my Spore Python API.Python 2.5, unofficial Spore Python API
ArchetypesChecks to see which Spore archetypes are and aren't represented in a given Sporecast.Python 2.5, unofficial Spore Python API
AutoTranslateAutomatically translates Mac OS X/iPhone .strings filesPython 2.5
bbcode2wikiAn incredibly simple script to translate BBCode markup to MediaWiki markup.Python 2.5
Domain HackerGoes through the Unix dictionary to try and find valid domain names that make up the word. An entire domain name, including TLD extensions, that spells out a word or phrase is called a domain hack.Python 2.5
Install Extra Photobooth EffectsDramatically simplifies the process described here and here.Python 2.3, and either Mac OS X 10.4 with PyObjC installed, or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
json2plistAn incredibly simple way of utilizing Python to evaluate JSON and export it to another format.Python 2.6, or Python 2.3 on Mac OS X
Localized AchievementsGiven the Spore package file for a locale, extracts the achievements in XML format.Python 2.5, (below)
midi2incConverts MIDI note information into POV-Ray arrays, so that you can make a digital music video!Python 2.5
n2jmpConverts an N level pack into a Jumpman .jmp file.Python 2.5, PIL
nxt.pyA Python module and API for the LEGO NXT Bluetooth interface.Python 2.5, LightBlue
package.pyExtracts all of the files from a Spore .package file. Most of it was translated from Gibbed's Spore Tools, whose website is now dead.Python 2.5
Phoneme MixingUses a first-order Markov chain model to generate statistically probable, but completely imaginary, and often very funny, words.Python 2.3, a text file, and either Mac OS X 10.4 with PyObjC installed, or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
property.pyTranslates a Spore .prop file into a Mac OS X Plist file, but can also be used as a standalone Python module.Python 2.6, or Python 2.3 on Mac OS X
raster.pyTranslates a Spore .raster texture file into more common image types. Includes useful texture decoding algorithms, including one for each of DXT 2 through 5.Python 2.5, PIL
RSRC ExtractExtracts certain resource types from an (ancient) RSRC file. Includes translation from PXM# resources to image sequences.Python 2.5, Mac OS X, PIL (for PXM# decoding)
Spore testA simple battle game used as a test for my Python Spore API.Python 2.5, unofficial Spore Python API
statistics.pyA library for a few probability functionsPython 2.5
Timing SerializersI was trying to decide which serialization technique to use for a website. Because the data needs to be transferred over the Internet, the packed data needs to be both small and fast to encode and decode. This times the encoding and decoding with a few packages built into Python.Python 2.5
Word CounterGenerates a CSV table with the frequencies that each word occurs in a text file.Python 2.5