Quartz Composer

Title Description Requirements Protocol conformance Screenshot
Battery meter A 3D visualization of the battery charge on a laptop. Mac OS X 10.5, BatteryInfoPlugIn
Boids An implementation of the Boids algorithm using JavaScript. Mac OS X 10.5
Bunch 'o Cubes A simple and non-distracting graphic animation. Mac OS X 10.5 Graphic Animation
Cube blur A graphic animation with a spinning cube with extra motion and zoom blur. Mac OS X 10.5 Graphic Animation
Elegant Ball A flowing, blurred dot, moving about the screen. Mac OS X 10.5
Glow Blur Selectively blurs a portion of an image, and composites it with the original, resulting in a sharp center focus and a glowing background. Mac OS X 10.5 Image Filter
Macro Focus Sort of emulates a technique called Tilt-shift photography and miniature faking around a point in an image. Mac OS X 10.5 Image Filter
Rain Drops A visual of raindrops splashing into a puddle that is reflecting a given image. Mac OS X 10.5 Image Filter, Screen Saver
Sporepedia Screensaver Shows creations from the Sporepedia on the screen, one at a time. Mac OS X 10.5 Screen Saver
Squares A visual of squares splashing on the screen. I developed this as a part of Rain Drops, above. Mac OS X 10.5 Graphic Animation
Tablet Explosion I recently got a Wacom Pen & Touch tablet, and this utilizes the tip pressure sensor. The harder you tap, the bigger the explosion on the screen will be. Mac OS X 10.5, a tablet
Touch-pad Sound The tablet mentioned above was also touch-sensitive, and supported some simple gesture recognition. This composition plays a sound that changes pitch when you twist, gets softer when you pinch, and moves around when you slide with one finger. Mac OS X 10.5, a touch-sensitive tablet